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Advanced solutions for cable and pipe transits in naval vessels

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"Advanced solutions for cable and pipe transits in naval vessels"

Protecting Naval Ships From EMP, Electromagnetic Pulses, and EMI, Electromagnetic Interference. Electronic Warfare - A Current Reality. Enhancing Safety and Security in Naval Vessels. Safeguarding Information and Communication. Looking to the Future.

The Protection of Key Systems on Naval Vessels

With the current furore around artificial intelligence and the risks from data theft, many people are waking up for the first time to the new reality of a world in which data and electronic systems are pre-eminent in every walk of life but are also vulnerable to threats. For those involved in naval warfare, those threats are potentially existential. That is why it is so important for systems and all of the equipment that support them to offer no points of weakness that an intruder could exploit.

In this Report, we consider a number of the environments and activities that relate to the capabilities, supporting systems and vulnerabilities of naval vessel electronic warfare plus some of the things that aim to safeguard them from attack and compromising.

We open with an article from Roxtec Ltd, a leading company specializing in the development and manufacture of cable and pipe seals, which very clearly explains how to protect naval ships against electromagnetic and other threats to critical systems, considering the nature of those threats and how to shield cables and equipment at points of vulnerability such as when passing into and out of protected areas.

Our next article looks at the overall matter of electronic warfare, what it is capable of doing, and where it can be vulnerable to intrusion or interception. We also look at the priorities that underpin how electronic warfare is conducted and how safeguarding the systems themselves is as important as conducting operations.

Camilla Slade’ article looks at the issue of safety and security in navy vessels starting with vulnerabilities. She then considers protection of sensitive and security systems before looking at the command control centre which is nowadays at the heart of navy ship systems and is, therefore, a high value target for electronic as well as physical attacks.

In his article, Peter Dunwell brings the focus right down to information and communications or, more specifically, the safeguarding of those elements. As part of that, he looks at cyber security and, most importantly, at defence of the ship - the platform on which the whole system is housed.

Finally, we look to the future. We consider future threats and potential responses, the need to be ready for everything and the reality that everything of value for a navy ship is a target. Ships of the future (and of the present) are looked at and we re-iterate that the systems that underpin the modern naval vessels need themselves
to be protected.

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