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Does you know if your Search Provider Offer Personalization Across Search Results, Navigation and Content? Use This Checklist!

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"Does you know if your Search Provider Offer Personalization Across Search Results, Navigation and Content? Use This Checklist!"

Personalization doesn’t stop with giving you search recommendations. To boost your digital growth in commerce, you need to personalize across the customer lifecycle. This can start with personalizing offers and content based on individual customer affinities, profile and behavior. It can extend to picking a winning strategy for each customer in a contextual, real-time manner. Use this checklist to evaluate your personalization platform.

True commerce personalization goes a lot beyond customer segmentation, product recommendations, marketing automation or manual rules. There is a lot more to personalization than meets the eye. Most personalization providers don’t even scrape the surface of personalization. Customers should ideally enjoy the benefits of a personalized search experience all through their journey.

The trick to getting this unique search experience lies in identifying the right personalization provider. It’s a choice that needs a lot of careful consideration.

Search providers have to check if content and offers can be personalized based on individual affinities, customer profile and behavior. For instance, let’s say a customer searches for organic food and dairy products. A smart, predictive search engine will show results based on organic fruit, even without the customer specifying it in the search. A smart personalization platform can understand the customer’s granular preferences and connect the experience through the buying journey.

It can personalize for the individual, in such a way that two shoppers adding the same products to the cart get different cross-sell recommendations. The engine’s decisioning is dynamic enough to pick a contextual, real-time search strategy for each customer. A dynamic, personalized search engine can use deep learning based Visual AI to surface visually similar products. A smart personalization search provider can show live demand or inventory status for a product, to create an urgency among shoppers. It can use AI to automatically detect and assign relevant segments to customers for segment based content and experiences.

True personalization can dynamically trigger pop-up banners based on real-time signals, such as exit intent, time spent on page or segment affinity. Use this commerce checklist to evaluate if your personalization provider has these features.

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